Secluded privacy

The Hideaway is the perfect environment for people wanting seclusion and security. If you want to escape in complete privacy & anonymity, the Hideway is the perfect choice. Being nestled into the cliff on a sandy beach in the Abel Tasman .. now that's just something you need to experience for yourself. Enjoy a stroll along our coastline of golden sand, lapped by the pristine waters of the Tasman Bay.

Our small professional staff will secure even the most public figures into complete exclusive privacy. Our experienced staff includes Aly Cook. She has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, including working for Australasia’s top promoters and has looked after many high profile clients. She is very familiar with the level of confidentiality, privacy, anonymity & security required for our clients.

We work with Tasman Helicopters and have planned full day excursions for many guests. The EC130 Executive Helicopter (which takes 6 passengers) can land right on the beach if low tide, or can land nearby when the beach is unavailable. Perfect for a quick flight from the airport or excursions to many places... like fly fishing or a heli-wine tour!

Split Apple Hideaway provides peace of mind, total privacy and is a well-secured hidden villa amongst thousands of native trees on a secluded beach. Enjoy luxury on the Abel Tasman National Park.

Our staff can answer all your questions and help you through the process, when appropriate.

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